Infenix was founded with the vision of infinite regeneration and development to best serve our clients and remain competitive in today's market.  This vision led to the name Infenix, which is a combination of the words Infinity and Fenix (Phoenix in Spanish).  The symbolism of the Phoenix, the mythological bird that periodically built a pyre to burn itself alive and rise from the ashes, was consistent with the vision and became an integral part of the name and identity of Infenix.



We are experienced in providing professional construction management services on light rail transit, highway, and aviation projects of various sizes (<$100K to >$100M).  Our staff are knowledgeable in alternative delivery methods and are qualified to take on challenging projects.

Construction Management, Administration, and Inspection


We are experienced in performing constructability and independent design reviews on projects of varying complexity.  

Constructability & Design Reviews

"Providing a new level of construction management to our clients."




A Certified City of Phoenix Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Arizona Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

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We are always looking to grow by bringing on talented professionals.   For employment opportunities, please send your resume and a short email to

"Infinitely regenerating to remain competitive in the marketplace."

Jake Wolff, P.E.

Managing Member

Luis Mota, P.E.

Chief Executive Manager

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